Rivermont Elementary engages community and completes renovation

Students at Rivermont Elementary will start school Thursday, August 10. (Image: WTVC)

It is an unfortunate reality for many schools across our viewing area. Making do with very little.

In the past, we've spoken to school leaders who say they have crumbling buildings with no money to fix them.

The principal at Rivermont Elementary came up with a solution to fix this.

At the start of summer, Nikki Bailey took matters into her own hands. She reached out to the community and asked them to volunteer their time to help Renovate Rivemont.

The response she received was overwhelming.

"It's amazing. It's really a blessing for us," said teacher assistant Lisa Jones. "[The school] has always been kind of plain."

Now, it's almost as if, the building, is brand new.

"I don't think we were expecting quite as much as we got," Jones said.

And neither did the parents.

"We kind of felt like we'd have a few people involved [and] a couple classrooms adopted. And, next thing you know, everybody had a classroom adopted," said parent Melissa Hixson.

Hixson's daughter will be in the 5th grade this year. "Over the years, it's been such a transformation up to this point," she said.

She can't wait to see her daughter's face once she walks through the freshly painted school this week.

"Each classroom has its own life," Hixson said.

People in the community adopted every classroom in the school.

Teachers put together wish lists, and those lists became a reality.

The staff and parents at the school believe this renovation project can serve as a teaching moment for other schools throughout the county and state.

If Rivermont can do it, than so can you.

"I feel like they can definitely make those changes too. They just have to put themselves out there and ask for help," said Hixson.

Students at Rivermont Elementary will start school Thursday, August 10.

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