Freshmen students move in to UT Chattanooga dorms

A student checks in at UTC's Lockmiller apartments during Operation Move-in.

Thursday was a major transition for UTC freshmen as they moved out of mom's house and into their new dorm rooms.

Check-in officially began at 9 a.m. but parents and students started to arrive as early as 7:30 a.m., many trying to avoid the rush.

"You could see people getting off the interstate with cars filled of stuff to move in from the interstate all the way into Chattanooga," said parent Lee Ann Hammer.

Others were just trying to stake out space.

"Well you want the best bed," said freshman Bakari Kountz.

And with 1800 freshman moving in, you can't really blame him.

There are actually so many freshman that, once again, some have to start off the semester at the Read House Hotel downtown.

"That's why we've broken ground on a new facility that will be opening in fall of 2018," said UTC Spokesperson Chuck Cantrell. "600 new beds so it's a good problem to have but it's a little bit of a challenge."

The freshmen living in the hotel will still have resident assistants to help them get settled in.

"Being a senior it kind of brings back memories as to my first move-in and knowing that they're anxious and excited and having all those good feels, and it just makes me proud to be a Moc and proud to be student here at UTC," said Resident Assistant Kayla Miller.

Parents like Lee Ann Hammer were there to help haul the clothes, pillows, and shower caddies.

She told NewsChannel 9 she's feeling more excited for her son than she is emotional about him leaving the nest.

"He's ready for it. He's ready for this new chapter in his life," said Hammer.

The rest of the students will be moving in Friday and over the weekend.

The first day of class is on Monday.

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