Cleveland City Schools launches online registration for parents

Randy Stephens, Principal at Mayfield Elementary School, helping parents and students set up PowerSchool accounts during on-campus registration.

Parents have a new way to register their student in Cleveland City Schools. The system announced the launch of the PowerSchool Online Registration system on Wednesday.

CCS says elementary and middle school parents were able to finish required forms online before even stepping on campus for registration events. CCS says it dramatically cut down the time needed for administrative tasks at school meetings. In turn, administrators, teachers, students, and parents had more time to get to know one another.

Mindy Wenger, a parent of students at both Ross Elementary and Cleveland Middle School, says, “The online registration process through PowerSchool was very easy to use, and I had all three of our children registered in just a few minutes. When I did go to the schools during my students’ registration times, most of the information needed was already completed. Having the online component streamlines the whole process of registering your child for school.”

At the high school level, parents were able to pay for student fees, lockers, and parking. They plan to expand the fee payment system to all schools for the 2017/18 school year. “We were excited to offer a hassle-free option to our parents and students through PowerSchool. Being able to pay fees, check grades, and now verify their enrollment information all online has made the registration process infinitely easier,” said school principal, Autumn O’Bryan.

CCS registered close to 3,000 students over a period of two weeks. “We were very excited at the number of parents that were able to take advantage of the new system,” said Michael Kahrs, Supervisor of Data & Assessment for Cleveland City Schools. “In the past, parents and students were continually asking for ways to reduce the number of paper forms and verifications that were required during registration events. The same information seemed to be asked on every form: names, addresses, phone numbers, and contact information about the student, parents, and emergency contacts. PowerSchool Registration replaces and streamlines the process, allowing a parent to log in and enter the information once, all from the comfort of their own home, at a time that’s convenient for them.”

“One huge concern as we began planning was definitely parents without access at home,” Kahrs stated. “To remove this barrier, principals planned each school’s registration night to include available computers along with assistance from faculty and staff. Our goal was to provide choice, whether that be to register from the comfort of home or at school with assistance from our experts.”

Thanks to the registration success for existing students, Kahrs plans to use the program for new and returning students starting in September. “Parents of new students will be able to simply call the school and give a few pieces of information like a name and birthdate in order to receive an online code. The entire registration form can be filled in and ready to go before even stepping foot in the building. With everything submitted in advance, parents should see a much shorter processing time once it’s time to come to school, hammer out a schedule, and meet teachers. It really gets the paperwork out of the way, letting the true work of educating students quickly get under way.”

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