To the Rescue: Dolly

To the Rescue: Dolly

Dolly is a 3-year-old dog that is now living at McKamey Animal Center. Shelter staff tell NewsChannel 9 that two months ago Dolly was a stray dog with newborn puppies. She has no shelter, no food, and no way to protect her pups. Kind families have adopted all of her pups, so now it is her turn.

Dolly loves chew toys, but she will not destroy them or bark at you. She is happiest sitting quietly with people. Dolly loves to be with humans and other dogs. This 3-year-old pup is heartworm positive. McKamey Animal Center staff said they are treating her for that and will pay for the treatment even after she is adopted.

Watch the video above to learn more about Dolly's personality.

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