WWII veteran Jack Rolfson dies at 95

WWII Veteran Jack Rolfson dies at 95.

Jack Rolfson flew 25 combat missions over Europe in 1943. Mr. Rolfson passed away Wednesday morning at his home in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

He was a marshal in the Chattanooga Armed Forces Day Parade on Friday, and we featured his story in our Price of Freedom segment last week.

Mr. Rolfson lead his own orchestra as a young man, and trained to fly in Canada and with the US Army Air Force.

He was the pilot or co-pilot on twenty combat missions over Europe in 1943.

He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service during the war.

He came home and had a long career for American Airlines and Eastern Airlines.

We were told that he was really looking forward to meeting Medal of Honor recipient Charles Coolidge at the parade on Friday, and he was really happy that he had the opportunity to do that.

Jack Rolfson was truly a hero. He was 95 years old.

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