Vietnam Veterans honored in Chattanooga this week

Vietnam Veterans Day at Chattanooga National Cemetery

Vietnam veterans in East Tennessee and North Georgia were honored for their sacrifice to our country this week.

Veterans and local leaders held several events in Chattanooga.

The homecoming started on Monday night at First Tennessee Pavilion. More than fifteen hundred people showed up at the event to hear from local leaders and Commissioner for the Tennessee Department of Veterans Services, Many-Bears Grinder.

On Tuesday there were three showings of the movie We Were Soldiers. The movie tells the story of the first major offensive in the Vietnam War involving U. S. Forces, the battle of Ia Drang. The movie is based on the book We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young. The co-author of the book and five veterans from the battle were in Chattanooga for panel discussions after each showing. War Correspondent and Author Joe Galloway, Medal of Honor recipient Joe Marm, Signal Mountain's Bud Alley, Sgt. Ernie Savage, Henry Dunn and Jim Lawrence spent part of the week in Chattanooga.

We sat down with Joe Galloway and Ernie Savage when they arrived in Chattanooga.

The book Mr. Galloway co-authored with General Hal Moore was released in 1992.

"It came out at exactly the right time for the Vietnam veterans to give the American people a different look at what these young men who were sent over there, a lot of them draftees they didn't volunteer, what they went through," Mr. Galloway said. "There wasn't enough trees in the forest to write the history of the entire war, but we could write a book about four days that would be so intense that could stand for every veteran."

On Wednesday, on Vietnam Veterans Day, the service members who Killed in Action from Hamilton County were honored at Chattanooga National Cemetery. Veterans read the names of the 152 people from Hamilton County Tennessee who were killed in the Vietnam War.

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