Sale Creek's Earl Moore served in Patton's Army at the end of WWII

Earl Moore was a cook in Patton's Army in Germany in 1945.

Earl Moore has packed a lot of living in his 91 years.

He was drafted into the Army and landed in France in 1945. The war was about to end when he got to Europe.

"It was still going on, but I was behind everything," Earl Moore.

Mr. Moore was a cook and he fed Patton's Army.

"The mess hall where i was cooking had been one of Hitler's outfits, and all of the equipment was at one time a German kitchen." Mr. Moore said. "A steam cooker blew up on me, and it scalded my left side and my left side of my face.."

Mr. Moore spent fifty-two days in the hospital recovering, and eventually made his way back home.

"When I came out of the Army I was an airplane pilot for two years," Mr. Moore said.

He came home and did just about everything he found interesting.

He made instruments. He made violins, including one made from a toilet plunger, and a guitar made from a push broom. He built boats for thirteen years, and worked at Combustion Engineering for another eighteen years. He has sold shoes. He's a musician, and a magician. He also spent about a decade rebuilding motor coaches.

"I stick with one thing for a while, and then I go to something else," Mr. Moore said.

After the war was over in Europe, Mr. Moore went to Berchtesgarden, and saw inside of Hitlers home there. He said the furniture was all gone, but there were papers still all across the floors.

That happened more than 70 years ago, but it's something he says he'll never forget.

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