Pearl Harbor survivor George Allen tells his story

Pearl Harbor survivor George Allen tells his story

75 years ago, December 7, 1941, Japanese fighter planes bombed the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor. The attack on Pearl Harbor pushed the United States into the middle of World War II.

"It was kinda important cause I was there that day 75 years ago," Army veteran George Allen .

On the 75th anniversary of the attack veterans in Bradley County Tennessee honored Mr. Allen. He says he was with another soldier when he saw one of the Japanese fighter planes just above him

"Standing by the wall on the building, and then he goes around and takes another loop and he puts his arm out over his cockpit and waves as he goes by," Mr. Allen said. "I don't know if he said I'll get you next time, or sorry I missed you."

Mr Allen says he then ran for cover.

"We weren't even scared at first because it was so fast we didn't have time to think of much of anything, running, ducking, getting away from the bullets," Mr. Allen said. "They were blowing up everything around us so everything was shaking."

In the attack more than twenty-four hundred Americans were killed, and almost twelve hundred were wounded. Most of the Pacific Fleet was destroyed.

"They were all laying one on top of the other and sunk or damaged," Mr. Allen said. "All the ships there were damaged except for a few light stuff."

After Pearl Harbor Mr. Allen continued his service. He fought in 6 invasions in the South Pacific including the invasion on Leyte in the Philippines.

Mr. Allen is now 94 years old.

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