Homecoming for Vietnam veterans starts Monday

Author Joe Galloway and Vietnam Veteran Ernie Savage will speak at events in Chattanooga during the Vietnam Veterans Homecoming.

This is a busy week for the veteran's community in Chattanooga. There is a three day Vietnam Veterans Homecoming that begins Monday evening at 5:30 at the First Tennessee Pavilion.

One of the big topics for this event is the Battle of Ia Drang. It was the first major offensive for US forces in the war

Sgt. Ernie Savage and Author Joe Galloway arrived in Chattanooga on Sunday, and both will speak at events during the week

Sgt. Savage earned a Distinguished Service Cross in the battle of Ia Drang.

Joe Galloway was a war correspondent who co-authored the book We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young.

There was a movie made based on the book called We Were Soldiers starring Mel Gibson.

Mr Galloway told us a story about what pushed him to start the book. He was watching a movie at home that had a scene of the Vietnam War.

"I'm shaking like a leaf and crying like a baby," Mr. Galloway said. "For a lot of years I had put all of that behind me, and talked it out, thought about it, but here it was. It grabbed me hard. That night I didn't get a wink of sleep. I thought you know either I can run from this and it's going to catch me and eat me, or I can turn around and face it and fight it."

He said he woke up the next morning and he called General Hal Moore to tell him he was ready to start the book. Mr. Galloway and General Moore spent about ten years working on the book. It was published in 1992.

Galloway will speak at events in Chattanooga on Tuesday and Wednesday.

There is a Facebook page set up for more information.

To receive your Vietnam War pin for time served, visit the link here.

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