Suzie Higgins: Sewing for souls

Suzie Higgins' favorite accessory is her sewing machine. She's our Pay it Forward recipient this week. (Image: WTVC)

Suzie Higgins' favorite accessory is her sewing machine.

And if you ask Pay It Forward nominator, Cindy Shockley, she says, it's also her heart.

"She does so much for the children overseas," said Shockley.

Making dresses and shorts by hand, so children around the world would have something they may not otherwise have.

"She makes dresses and shorts for kids who have nothing. They go to missionaries, thousands and thousands of pairs of shorts and dresses for the kids to wear," said Shockley.

And she does it all on her own dime and with the help of her husband, Roger.

Roger makes birdhouses in his backyard shed, selling them for five dollars each.

He does it even though, he's fighting a battle of his own. He has cancer.

"She was saying that the other day that her stove had messed up and she needed money to buy stuff for the kids," said Shockley.

To protect the surprise, we met Cindy about a half mile down the road and followed her to our final destination.

Where sure enough, we saw Suzie looking out the front door.

"On behalf of all you do for Sowing for Souls and all you do for everybody else, on behalf of NewsChannel 9 and the McMahan law firm, I nominated you for pay it forward. I have five hundred dollars for you to use for you. It's for all you do for everybody," said Shockley.

Suzie let us and our cameras inside where she told us where her journey with the non-profit organization, Sewing 4 Souls began.

"My heart was touched right away with sewing little dresses and clothes for little kids cause I love to sew," said Higgins.

Suzie says the money will go far.

"Materials, buttons, thread, just all kinds of things. Praise the Lord, I thank God for that," said Higgins.

But if you ask her about her gracious heart and why she does what she does, don't expect her to take any of the credit.

"It's not me that lives in my heart, it's Jesus. He did it all," said Higgins.

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