Almeda Hatfield: "She's everybody's Nana, old and young"

Pay it Forward: Almeda Hatfield

There's always that one person in your child's school that everyone knows and adores.

For Red Bank Elementary, that person is Almeda Hatfield.

"She never gets tired of giving. She's always ready to do whatever it takes to make people happy," said nominator, Regina Boutwell.

Years back, Regina Boutwell expressed an interest in volunteering at her grand kids school.

That's when she met Hatfield or as the kids call her, Nana.

"She's just a big inspiration and I think she's got grand kids everywhere cause she's everybody's Nana, old and young," said Boutwell.

So we walked through the halls at Red Bank to find her.

Sure enough, we spotted Nana outside helping with the School's Jump Rope for heart event.

She had no idea our camera was there for her.

"On Behalf of NewsChannel 9 and the McMahan Law firm, I would like to pay it forward for all of your dedication and volunteering," said Boutwell to Nana.

Nana volunteers day in and day out. But ask her why she does it,

"A lot of the people ask me why I do it without pay and I say, I'll get paid one day and I will," said Boutwell.

And there's one saying Nana passes on to not only her grandchildren, but to everyone she meets.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and that's what I try to tell all, and these and these children and it works," said Hatfield.

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