Nurse Pickens: taking the health of students into her own hands

"She's everyone's best friend and I can't think of a person or a child who doesn't love her dearly," said Mr. Wilkes, the orchestra director at CSAS in Chattanooga. Wilkes said Nurse Pickens has dedication unlike any other school nurse, describing her as "a Saint."

Wilkes explained that Nurse Pickens receives some operating expenses through school funding, but it is not nearly enough.

"All the other funding that goes to supplying her clinic with, comes through a part-time summer job," said Wilkes. He went on to say this is so she can make sure her kids and the staff are happy and healthy.

"I think that is admirable on her part," said Wilkes.

We send one of the students upstairs to tell Nurse Pickens that something happened in the orchestra room. Seconds later, she came running into the classroom.

"Nurse Pickens, would you come here please? Oh behalf of NewsChannel 9, the McMahan Law Firm, and a very, very grateful CSAS community, I would like to Pay it Forward to you this $500," said Wilkes.

Nurse Pickens was in shock and laughed, "...look at me sweating! All that running! This will get plenty of glucose tabs, crackers, peanut butter crackers, cheese crackers, band-aids, all that stuff. And peppermints because you know those cure anything." She has been a school nurse for close to 20 years and at CSAS for seven.

Nurse Pickens showed us her clinic that she is always re-stocking with snacks, supplies, and of course those peppermints. She said she sometimes will buy things as often as once a week.

"This is my main rule since I've been here: 'No faking allowed, this is not a place to hide out. Try hiding in your classroom,'" said Nurse Pickens.

"I'll tell you this much, it is an awesome thing to be loved. I love all my babies over here from 'K' to 12 and the faculty, the staff. They are just a wonderful bunch," said Nurse Pickens.

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