John Clayton: guiding scouts from cubs to eagles

For almost three decades, John Clayton has guided young boys into prepared men -- from Cub Scouts to Eagle Scouts.

David Gottlieb said John Clayton will do anything for the Scouts, "... he will help anyone he can. He is the guy who never looks for a thank you. He just does it from his heart."

Clayton does everything from canoeing to camping to cooking. All of this to help kids from Walker County to Chattanooga have the chance to develop skills to help them grow into successful young adults.

"If a scout doesn't have the funds to participate, he [Clayton] will anonymously donate the service or the product or whatever is necessary," said Gottlieb.

We take our Pay it Forward $500 surprise and go down the halls of the Elizabeth Lee Memorial Methodist Church in Chickamauga, Georgia, which is where the scouts have their weekly meeting.

"John I need to see you for a minute. It is a great honor that I am here today. On behalf of NewsChannel 9 and the McMahan Law Firm, we want to pay it forward to you 500 dollars. This is on behalf of all that you have done for scouting. It is my privilege. Thank you for all that you've done, John," said Gottlieb.

Current and former scouts, leaders, and friends surrounded Clayton and could not stop applauding.

"Now I know what y'all were here for," laughed Clayton. He said he has been with the scouts for so long is simple, "... because of the little boys right here -- watching them grow up and watching it [scouts] make a difference in their lives."

When Clayton was younger he said he was a scout and people helped him. Now, he is returning the favor. While Clayton teaches the scouts, the scouts are giving him a few life-long lessons in return.

"Patience and to still have fun! We are never too old to have fun, are we guys?" said Clayton.

If you know someone like John Clayton, nominate your unsung hero for our Pay it Forward surprise by filling out this nomination form.

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