Hazel Allen: sewing, stitching & sharing

Hazel Allen receives our $500 Pay it Forward surprise.

Hazel Allen has touched the lives of hundreds of people thanks to her quilting. Ruth Fish is one of Allen's close friends and she also received a quilt in her time of need.

"She said that she wanted me to know that a lot of people were sending their love and hugs," said Ruth Fish. She went on to explain that she had to go to Ohio for surgery and that's why Hazel finished and sent her this quilt.

"I thought it was a great gift of love," said Fish. Allen started a quilting ministry in 2003. Since then they created more than 900 quilts for people who have lost loved ones, are sick, and for every baby dedicated at her church

"She's given a lot of love to a lot of people," said Fish.

We take our $500 Pay it Forward surprise to Allen's house. A few of the women in the quilting ministry joined in on the surprise because they want to thank their tireless mentor.

"Hi Hazel, on behalf of NewsChannel 9 and the McMahan Law Firm we want to Pay it Forward to you $500," said Fish.

"Oh my, thank you so much! Oh my word, this will take care of a lot of quilts," said Allen. "This is just something that the Lord gifted us with and we are glad to all share it."

Allen said out of the 900 plus quilts she and the ministry have sewn, more than 400 were for the babies dedicated at her church.

"Another story that I've heard about is when some child was sick and didn't feel well, his daddy would hold him. The only way he would be quiet would be if his daddy gave him that quilt, then he would be quiet," said Allen.

She turned part of her home into a sewing sanctuary. The women in the quilting ministry spend a lot of time in several rooms of her house, sewing, cutting, and stitching. Each quilt is stitched with thought, sewn with hope, and gifted to people who need a little bit of love.

"We have a wonderful time and no two quilts are like," said Allen. "Generally they cry [when people receive the quilts]. Quilting is addictive."

For Allen, the quiliting ministry, sewing, and giving, are all just part of her daily routine.

Do you know someone like Hazel Allen? Nominate your unsung hero for our NewsChannel 9 Pay it Forward surprise.

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