Rezli wants to connect gamers with potential employers

Rezli is a social media network in some ways similar to the ones we all know such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The company is looking for a specific group of users and they hope to provide those users with a specific benefit.

"Rezli is a social networking, and career building kind of profile building site where people who are interested in games or the games industry or just tech in general can create a profile. They can build out their online portfolio =," Rezli Engineering Lead, Joe More said. "They can connect with other people who are in the games industry, or in other similar tech fields."

Rezli is short for Resume Link

Joe and Rezli's graphic designer, Blake Hinton, were drawn to Rezli because both are gamers.

"Through middle school and high school I spent, I don't even want to say how many hours I spent playing video games because it's embarrassing," Hinson said. "I had no idea that it was worth anything. I just did it because it was fun. (It was) The thing to do, but seeing this, seeing there is a path forward and something I can do with that and to help other people see that I think is really valuable."

Blake was one of the first hires for Rezli. He's been with the company about two and a half years. The site launched about a year after that.

"Rezli is all about taking people who love video games or just the tech industry as a whole, and showing them that they have skills that are valuable," Hinton said.

Cory Allison is the founder and CEO. She says their core audience is made up of gamers, but its more than that such as artists, musicians, actors and more. The Rezli staff is helping people showcase their talent. Cory showed us how young gamers can make connections on Rezli with professionals who've made a career out of the things they do for fun. She showed us one Rezli user who has had a long career in the gaming industry.

"We want people to connect with people like that good role models. I mean she is living the dream of a lot of these young kids," Allison said. "That's the reality.

Rezli is still relatively new and they are still growing their user base.

They are planning for a big membership campaign soon. Once that happens the company will then look at generating revenue. They will do that by looking for ad sales, and other ways to make a profit.

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