Gig Tank 365 is turning ideas into businesses

Justin Paul was at a party in New York last winter when someone told him about Chattanooga, Tennessee

"He was like 'do you know what's going on in Chattanooga?'" Justin said. "I was like no. I mean I know about the city, but I don't know about a tech or a music scene. He was like they have a 10 gigabit fiber optic tunnel there."

Justin started with the Gig Tank 365 program in May. His company is called Injii.

"We broadcast real time content of artists and entertainers," Justin said. "(It's) almost similar to a Charity benefit concert."

The Injii website goes live in a few days.

"When we go live you're gonna have real time broadcasts for artist content. There's gonna be performers, musicians, bands, and comedians."

There are twelve start ups in this Gig Tank 365 class. Gig Tank was launched in 2012, by The Company Lab in Chattanooga, Tennessee as an annual program. The program was re-launched this yearas a year round program with 3 cycles or cohorts each year. Injii is one of the current businesses. Docity is another.

"I quit my job back in February," Docity founder James Cowan said. "Cold Turkey."

James moved to Chattanooga in 2014.

"Docity is a telemedicine platform," Mr. Cowan said. "Telemedicine is connecting patients with providers face to face through a smartphone, tablet or computer. We take care of conditions that typically would involve you sitting in an office for two or three hours."

The Gig Tank 365 program takes these businesses and others like them, and helps them grow. Each company has to reach benchmarks, they meet with all of the other entrepreneurs in the cohort once a week, and they are all assigned a mentor.

"That lead mentor is responsible for making sure that our entrepreneurs are on track, and accelerating their business at the pace they need to graduate."

That pace may be different for each company.

"It depends for every start up because they're all at different stages of development," Communications Director for The Company Lab, Tia Capps said. "Ideally, by the end of the program we want all of our start ups to be able to make a pitch for investments, for pilot partnerships, for other strategic partnerships, for customers, or for users."

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