Chattanooga business leader celebrates hitting a sales goal in an unusual way

If you saw a barley dressed man running down Market Street in Downtown Chattanooga around noon on Wednesday you are not alone.

In early 2016 Steam Logistics President, Steve Cox, told his sales team that if the sales numbers increased by sixty percent over the previous year then he would run through downtown wearing little more than a Speedo style swimsuit. Steam employees topped that mark in mid-December.

On Wednesday, Steam employees and others gathered in Miller Plaza to witness the January run.

"We're a little bit of a different kind of company," Steam CEO, Jason Provonsha said.

Most companies might celebrate with a cake, or an office party, but clearly that wouldn't do.

"It was cold, and it was a longer half mile than I thought it would be," Steve Cox said. "I got honked at and called some names, but it was a good experience."

Steve Cox says if Steam hits 100 percent growth this year he'll do it again.

Steam was founded in 2012

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