A new option for downtown living in Chattanooga

A new option for downtown living in Chattanooga. (Image: WTVC)

Downtown Chattanooga is changing.

Businesses are starting. Others are growing in the Innovation District. As more people begin to work and live in the downtown area the spaces they are using are changing too.

"We're about a year old, and we're a new real estate company," Stephanie said. "What we're trying to do is solve the psychical space issue. As these startups scale they need office space. They need residential space."

Stephanie Hays works with Lamp Post Properties. She took us on a tour of the building that once was the Ross Hotel, and later became Yesterdays.

"That was a bar from 1973 to '98, A very, very, very popular place," Hays said. "It was Yesterday's. It will now be the Tomorrow building ."

The building is being converted into a co-living residence with micro apartments. Right now there are a lot of new options for downtown living in Chattanooga, and a lot more on the way.

"We have thirty-nine units here, but there's twenty-six hundred being built currently right now," Hays said.

These units are a bit different than your standard apartment.

"You have a wonderful private area in a beautiful old building, but the real selling point of what we're doing are the shared spaces," Hays said.

The micro apartments have stove tops, but no oven. Your major cooking would be done in a kitchen space shared with the rest of the residents of the building. There are also large shared living areas.

"They will all be fully furnished," Hays said. "We want to make it as easy as possible. If you're new to Chattanooga, or you've lived here forever and you're just looking to live urban, live downtown you can move in here with a duffel bag."

Lamp Post Properties currently has four projects in development.

The Tomorrow Building is the only one that is residential space. Right now tours of the building are available.

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