Wildflower Tea brews custom cups to help customers' ailments

Wildflower Tea makes custom cups.

When the pace of life is just too fast, one Chattanooga business is opening it's doors for those customers who want to take it a little slower. "We live in a very busy, stressful world so just taking a few minutes to sit and make a cup of tea," says Wildflower Tea and Apothecary owner Hillary Libby.

A cup of tea is an involved process at this custom shop. Each loose leaf tea comes from a combination of herbs, and other natural ingredients. "We are always blending different plants, flowers, leaves, that can create moods."

This hot beverage buff believes that it's not just the experience of sipping tea. "There are teas to help you rest easier, and calm down and teas to help with allergies."

On these shelves, Wildflower's owner says, a solution for whatever ails you. "However you're feeling, there's a tea to help." Once the ingredients are mixed, it's time to brew.

Different teas require different temperatures, depending on how delicate their leaves. After about five minutes of seeping, it's time to sip. But it's the experience after the last drop that leaves this small business owner smiling. "Starting the business from the ground up is definitely a labor of love so to have people to come in and thank us for being here and be appreciate makes us all feel really good."

For more, visit Wildflower's website by clicking here.

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