Weekly Fig uses unconventional methods to deliver food to the community

Weekly Fig uses unconventional methods to deliver food to the community (Photo: WTVC)

Community supported agriculture is becoming more and more popular around Chattanooga.

You pay a membership fee, and you can get the freshest local fruits and vegetables when they are in season.

But one group is helping add an order of convenience, and heart, to a pretty unusual form of communication: pigeons.

The little pigeons have a big job, because a piece of paper ordering a week's worth of produce is wrapped around their leg.

That order is for a whole group of customers.

The pigeons head to Mennonite farm 30 miles away where phones are scarce.

Nate Wilson is the cofounder of Weekly Fig.

Wilson and his team thrive on the connection of growing food for people.

As his family began to grow, his free time started to shrink.

"More and more people started asking for help and we discovered this is a thing. and we can make a huge community impact" Wilson says.

And so, Weekly Fig was born.

Every week, farmers provide their fresh fruits and vegetables.

Self-described localvores pick, pack, and and drop off in reusable bagsto last a family the whole week...

But what you might not realize, is that the location where the bags are packed is important as well.

On an assembly line inside the Orange Grove Center, Danny and Harold can be found packing vegetables.

They say they just want to work hard to grow Weekly Fig so they can give more people more opportunities.

Both of them live with different disabilities. But side by side with other Weekly Fig Employeees, Wilson says they inspire him to expand.

Weekly Fig works with a dozen local farms in a 60 mile radius. They also offer add ones like meat and milk to their weekly bags.

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