Twin Lilies makes makeup organizers for stars from the Scenic City

Twin Lilies makes acrylic organizers for stars like Beyonce.

In the basement of the old Buster Brown factory, Michael Piekarski is hard at work. His raw material? Clear acrylic. His finished product- makeup organizers for some of music's biggest names.

Piekarski starts out with sheets of acrylic. "It's completely clear," he says, "so you can see all of your makeup in there you don't have to fumble through all your makeup to find something."

After the edges are smooth, slots are cut to hold in the drawers. Then it's on to the workroom upstairs. Precision is key as the sides are set in place and glued, creating custom sizes. A need that inspired this entrepreneur to break in to the beauty market- selling to perhaps the biggest name in the music industry: Beyonce. "There weren't any that were big enough or the right size configuration and they were really expensive."

Now, Twin Lilies is so successful, he's branching out, creating more products all with one thing in common. "We are American-made, most of the other companies aren't they sell Chinese made products."

After a quick clean, the makeup organizers are wrapped and shipped, going out to homes across the country and the world. Some cast members of the Real Housewives of Orange County and Atlanta are also on the Twin Lilies client list.

They've recently expanded their product line to include aquariums and tables.

For more on Twin Lilies, click here to visit their website.

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