Thumbprint cookies take customers back to traditional baking

Loren Jenkins makes her specialty Lo Lo dot cookies in an East Brainerd kitchen (Photo: WTVC).

Starting your own business is a bid decision, but when one local mom perfected her Aunt's famous cookie recipe, she says she knew she had something she needed to share.

Loren Jenkins cookies are far from cliche, a traditional type, with a new focus on all-natural. These thumbprint cookies come in two varieties, one classic, and one without any artificial ingredients. "We are coloring things like beets, and fruits and flowers, all those types of things," Jenkins says.

It's not only the recipe that has a lot of family history behind it, but also this baker's family tree. "I'm actually from a long line of bakers, my grandfather had a bakery on Market Street in the 1800's."

With the ingredients that every cookie connoisseur knows are needed, pecans and butter. But Jenkins favorite part of the process? "They taste the cookie and they are transported back, it brings back memories, cooking with their grandparents, baking with their mothers. It really makes me feel good when I hear that."

For more on Aunt Lo's cookie connection, click here to visit their website.

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