Ooltewah grandfather builds backyard train

Robert Reagan built a backyard train at his Ooltewah home.

The sounds coming from Robert Reagan's backyard are anything but typical. A software engineer by trade, about 18 months ago, this grandfather came up with a big idea.

Teresa Reagan says, "Robert came to me one day and I came to me one day and said I have an idea for something for the grand kids, and I said a playhouse? He said, how about a train and I said you are kidding!"

Robert wasn't kidding, so behind his Ooltewah home, he got to work clearing his yard for 275 feet of track. "I looked for plans to build a train and the only thing I found was in a 1960's popular mechanics magazine."

He put his software skills to work and soon, complete with its own train shed and crossing, the finished project is quite the backyard installment. "There was never any doubt in my mind that he could do it," Teresa says, "because he can fix anything, make anything. He's amazing."

And until they outgrow it, Robert's granddaughter and her friends will keep this railroad in business. "I hope it can set an example for somebody that if I can do it, they can do it too," Robert says.

For more on how he made it happen, click here to visit Robert's blog.

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