Locals Only Gift Boxes

Made in our Hometown: Locals Only Gift Boxes (Photo WTVC).

We all know those people that are hard to buy for. But one local woman is picking the best local products and packaging them all together creating a win-win for recipients and the businesses who create them.

From the assembly line to the local artist creating crafts in their home, Chattanooga is full of creativity. So when Danielle Landrum's husband wanted to create a box full of gifts for his real estate clients, this mom-preneur knew just what to do. "I told him, I like to shop, let me do it!" Laundrum said.

There is only one requirement for the products picked for inside a Locals Only gift box: from bath salts to bacon jam, only the best of the Scenic City makes it into one of these boxes. "I kind of had an inkling that there were lots of great craftsmen and artisans here, but when I started digging into it I found out there are so many, so many."

Her method may be simple, but a lot of thought goes into each package. And if most of these items look familiar, like a cup from Bean and Bailey or a bath soak from Good Fortune Soaps,

It's because we've shown you how many are made.

But with each of these stickers, a new customer can discover the best of what our Hometown has to offer. "We have a lot of maker stars in Chattanooga, and they have a lot of national press and they sell a lot to shops around the country and sometimes we don't even know we have these people in our community."

Locals Only is planning to open their own store in May in Miller Plaza-- offering gift boxes and individual items made in our Hometown.

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