Gear Closet: cleaning up after Bonnaroo for a cause

Gear Closet cleans up after Bonnaroo, sells what they find, and uses the proceeds for good causes. (Image: WTVC)

On a hot summer day, kids at the Chickamauga Greenway are learning a cool lesson. A lesson made possible by total strangers who left a 700 acre farm in Manchester a little lighter then they came.

Mary Beth Sutton with the Gear Closet loves Bonnaroo, not just for its music, but for the abandoned gear the thousands of concert goers leave behind. "We had a crew of about 30 people that drove to Manchester to help us on Monday," Sutton says. "Driving through the fields and picking up whatever is usable."

They packed a tractor trailer and brought the finds back to Chattanooga.

Their bounty drew quite the crowd, camping enthusiasts looking for a good deal. "Some of this from Bonnaroo might have interesting stories," says customer Chris Miles.

The money made from these grills, chairs, baby pools, and some of the more interesting finds like a weed eater, support clean water efforts here at home, including the kids clean water camp. Here, kids are learning the efforts of a few can make a big difference. "Taking what's left for trash," Sutton says, "and making it go back to help our environment."

For more information on the Gear Closet, visit their Facebook page.

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