Fusing Glass Creates Colorful Collection

Fired up glass makes pieces of all colors and sizes.

Bright colors, creative shapes and fun textures: those are all draws for Chattanooga's own fused glass artist.

When you think of glass, a few words may come to mind: fragile, breakable, delicate. But ask Mary Jane Whitt about her favorite part of working with glass, and she'll tell you it's the color.

This fused glass enthusiast has been at it a long time. "A friend of mine gave me a fused glass platter for Christmas 20 years ago and I said well I can do that!" Whitt says.

It turns out, anyone can, with the right guidance. "There's so many things that you can do and so many things that you can get."

Whitt makes these pieces to sell in her gallery in the Chattanooga work space and she also teaches students her craft. These tiny particles of colored glass will become a solid sheet with the right heat.

To turn up that heat, Whitt puts her pieces in the kiln. The kiln gets up to 15 hundred degrees and the pieces inside soak. And when they come out, the possibilities are endless.

For more on Fired Up Fused Glass, click here to visit their website.

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