Father and son team create course to help other Scouts find their way

Joshua and Robby Bowers created an orienteering course at Harrison Bay State Park.

The Tennessee Valley is rich in scenic views and at Harrison Bay State Park. This father and son scouting team is trying to get more people to appreciate them. "How many people actually step out of their car and come up here? They just go to the pavilion, but here you can get out and see some nature," says Scout Leader Robby Bowers.

Joshua Bowers needed a project to earn his Eagle Scout rank.. "It's a map and compass course, it's got a few points spread out across the park," he explains.

So the 18 year old and his dad created this orienteering course. Each marker is painted white and takes you to different parts of the park. Creating this course took a lot of work and time. But this dedicated scout hopes it serves as a lesson to anyone who needs a little compass catch-up.

Once you get the hang of finding your way, there's really no limit to what you can find on this 2-mile trek which is open to anyone who wants to use it. "They can come out and check the materials out, Girl Scouts, ROTC, church groups, if you just want to do soemthing different," Robby says. And while making the course helped Joshua earn a high scouting honor, the time this father and son spent together made for quite the memory. "It's meant the world to me just to see him grow as a young man. He doesn't always listen... well he does listen, some of it at least stays in there."

To check out the orienteering course, just check out a clipboard and map at the A-frame building at the park.

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