Chattanooga Eagle Scout helps make hospital stays easier for younger patients

Chattanooga Eagle Scout helps make hospital stays easier for younger patients (Image: WTVC)

Spending time is the hospital is never fun, especially for the smallest patients. But one Eagle Scout is helping to make that difficult stay a little easier for kids battling cancer at Children's Hospital at Erlanger.

On this floor at Children's Hospital kids facing some tough battles. Nine-year-old Jaiden has spent his fair share of time in chemo, fighting not only his cancer but the frustrating side effects. “He had a lot of lesions on his legs when he was first diagnosed so he had a hard time walking so that was really important for us to get him to different parts of the hospital," his mom Raven Patten says.

That's when Jaiden and his mom discovered the Lily pad. A round wooden pedestal that turns an IV pole into a ride for the hospital's smallest patients. Logan Satterwhite created more than a dozen for the hospital. One hundred and fifty hours of work for his Eagle Scout project, enlisting his family and friends and local artists to add cartoon characters and bright designs. “It makes what would be difficult for the kids, a little more enjoyable and a fun ride," Satterwhite says.

Now, whether it's a ride to get labs or just a quick spin to get their mind of their treatment, these Lily pads are providing a moment of fun that doesn't go unnoticed. “It's very heartwarming to know that people are thinking about children, and that they have something fun to do in the hospital,” Patten says.

The original idea for the Lily pads came from 17 year old James Konkler from Washington state. He fought cancer three different times and wanted to make the hospital experience a little easier for patients who were younger than him. He passed away in 2015.

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