Chattanooga business makes eating healthy easy

Andrew Peters knows that eating right isn't always easy especially in today's busy world. "You find yourself at a fast food restaurant or going throug a drive through," Peters says.

So this body building coach came up with a concept to save his customers something you can't put a price tag on. "The average person wil spend 18 hours a week, going to the grocery store preparing the food, cleaning up."

His business, Fit +, creates fresh meals in bulk in their Fort Oglethorpe commercial kitchen. A few days or a weeks worth of meals, ordered online and stashed in your fridge. Their newest addition? This Lee Highway Cafe where they make smoothies, coffee and meals for walk-in customers. "Whether you are a college student trying to focus on your career, it gives you more neergy to focus on that. wjereas the other foods you can eat, it's robbing energy from your body."

His goal is to change the way Chattanoogans think about food epecially this time of year when many people are trying to change unhealthy habits. "We've gotten out of the habit of eating for fuel, it's eating to feel good."

For more on Fit +, click here to visit their website.

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