Making kombucha at home

Making kombucha at Harvest Roots Farm

Harvest Roots Farm in Mentone, Alabama specializes in fermenting vegetables and making kombucha.

Kombucha is a 2000 (plus) year-old tradition. It's a probiotic drink that's relatively simple to make at home. Lindsay Whiteaker is one of the co-owners of Harvest Roots Farm and walks us through the process of making this healthy treat. She uses oolong organic tea, sugar, distilled white vinegar, and SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). Whiteaker recommends purchasing SCOBY at Cultures for Health.

"SCOBY stands for symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria. The idea is that in your gut yeast and bacteria are in harmony - so they are in harmony in here too," said Whiteaker.

Let the mixture sit covered (with something breathable, like a cloth, because the process needs oxygen) for approximately four weeks. Before bottling, remove the SCOBY from the container and save it, because it can be re-used. Click the video above for more instruction.

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